6 Best Maharashtrian Dishes Perfect For Dinner

Tondlicha Bhaat This is a traditional Maharashtrian rice preparation made with ivy gourd. This is also called as tondli masale bhat. This is a flavourful rice that pairs best with papad, pickles & buttermilk. This is a one-dish meal.

Bharli Vangi Also called as bharwa baingan is a traditional authentic Maharashtrian curry made with small eggplants simmered in peanut based gravy. Addition of goda masala gives a nice taste to this curry. 

Kala Vatana Usal Also called as kala vatana sambar is a healthy legume dish  made with kanda-khobra masala. This is typical to malvani cuisine & pairs best with bhakri & rice. This is a vegetarian curry recipe.

Anda Curry Also called as egg curry is a flavourful easy to make malvani style curry made with coconut-onion paste. This spicy delicious curry can be enjoyed with rice, bread & bhakri.

Dalimbi Bhaat Also called as valachi khichadi is a healthy rice preparation made with kadve vaal. This make a perfect weeknight menu. This is a one-dish meal & can be enjoyed with taak (buttermilk)

Kanda Batata Rassa A simple delicious curry made with onions & potatoes. Mad with goda masala which gives a nutty taste to this rassa.