10 Tasty & Quick Indian Snacks Recipes You Must Definitely Try

Chilli Cheese Paratha A fusion recipe made with processed cheese along with chillies & Italian herbs. This paratha turns crispy from outside & cheesy from inside making a perfect breakfast dish. Loved by kids. 

Medu Vada A delicious crispy South Indian delicacy made with urdal dal. These are also called as urad dal vada & best served with tangy & spicy sambar along with coconut chutney.

Pav Bhaji A popular Mumbai street food made with mashed vegetables cooked in lots of butter & infused with spices. This is an ultimate comfort food served with buttered pav (bread)

Maggi Masala A quick & simple delicious noodles tossed with vegetables. This is a popular kids snack best enjoyed with hot cup of tea!

Baingan Pakoda A unique pakoda made with sliced eggplants dipped into besan mix & shallow fried. This pakoda can be served as side dish with meals or can be had as a snack with mint chutney. 

Sweet Corn Pakoda A super crispy & super tasty pakoda dish made with boiled corns infused with spices & herbs. This makes a perfect tea time snack along with fried chillies & ketchup.

Sanja (Spicy Upma) A traditional Maharashtrian breakfast recipe made with sooji. This is quite similar to upma but with very distinctive taste. Do give it a try, you will love it. 

Cabbage Pakoda A super simple & quick pakoda recipe made with cabbage that is deep fried till crisp. This makes best tea-time snack along with schezwan chutney.

Sabudana Vada A popular traditional & authentic Maharashtrian snack made with tapioca pearls. These vadas are made for upvas/ vrat & can also be had as a snack with peanut chutney. 

Aam Panna A quintessential summer drink made from raw mangoes. This is a simple & refreshing drink that is tangy & sweet in taste. A must try this summer!