About me

Hi! I am Anjali, a food blogger by passion.

Being a foodie I love to cook healthy, wholesome meals from scratch using good produce and simple ingredients. After experimenting with so many recipes it was time for a change, a good change of launching my new food blog to share all the delicacies with you all.

For me cooking a simple yet enticing meal with the use of earthy spices & fresh herbs inspires me to venture in this culinary journey.

My love for food & cooking started in early childhood when I was lured by the beautiful aromas emanating from my Grandma’s Kitchen! For me, cooking a meal should be Simple, Fast, Fresh & Tasty!

I love to cook food that fits into my hectic lifestyle and is ideal for a healthy body. I believe that food always evokes lovely memories & cooking always bonds me to my Loved Ones.

The best part of home-cooked food is serving my loved ones using fresh produce, keeping in mind their health quotient.

Here on my blog, you will find the recipes that are tried & tested. The ones that my family & friends have always loved and cherished.

I have kept my recipes simple at the same time easy to prepare with minimal and easily available ingredients at your home.

You will find food recipes including vegan, vegetarian, non -vegetarian & some non-onion garlic recipes too here on my blog that are easy to prepare for a beginner, bachelor or experienced cook as well.

Coming from Mumbai, you can expect lots of street food recipes (healthy and some “not so healthy”) as well. But yes, be rest assured all these recipes would have no artificial colours or any harmful ingredients.

Being an adherent foodie, I have always loved to eat at restaurants and have experimented with lovely recipes and implemented them in my day-to-day meals. Hence you can also expect some mouth-watering Restaurant style recipes here on my blog.

Being from Maharashtra, the western coast of India, you will also get to know some whole-grain recipes prepared using jowar, bajra, nachani, and ragi. Not only are they healthy but are a wholesome meal in themselves.

It gives me immense joy to share some of my homemade delicacies & hope you would definitely love to try them out!!

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