9 Easy Everyday Sabji Recipes That Pairs Best With Roti 

Cabbage Besan Sabji A simple, quick & easy to make beginner-friendly recipe. This is a vegan sabji perfect for everyday meals. Also perfect to pack for tiffin along with phulka or roti.

Mushroom Masala A creamy & delicious sabji made with button mushrooms simmered in onion based gravy. Pairs best with tandoori roti or paratha. Easy and quick recipe full of flavours.

Pahadi Aloo Ke Gutke A simple traditional Uttarakhand aloo recipe made with pahadi aloo. This is a tasty & quick recipe best for everyday meal along with poori or roti. 

Bharwa Baingan A traditional Maharashtrian style baingan sabji simmered in peanut gravy. Taste best with jowar bhakri or rice. Makes best dinner option.

Aloo Patta Gobi Sabji A simple, easy to make everyday sabji with hint of garlic. This sabji pairs well with soft phulka & makes perfect lunch-box recipe.

Green Moong Dal A perfect protein-rich everyday kind of sabji that is healthy & filling. Serve it with roti or rice. Makes a perfect mid-week dinner option. 

Aloo Matar Sabji A flavour sabji made with fresh peas & potatoes simmered in tomato based sauce. Goes perfect with poori or bread. Makes a perfect week-end lunch option. 

Matki Ki Sabji A healthy sprout sabji made with basic ingredients. Perfect for tiffin-box or as a lunch option with phulka or chapati.

Dalimbi Usal Also called as valache birde is a traditional Maharashtrian sprout recipe made with kadve vaal ie bitter beans. These are super nutritious & pairs best with chapati.