6 Must -Try Easy & Delicious Sabzi Recipes For Dinner Time

Mushroom Masala Sabzi A creamy, vegan & tasty dish made with button mushrooms infused with earthy Indian spices. Very simple & easy to make sabzi.

Besan Cabbage Sabzi A very unique sabzi made by sprinkling besan over shredded cabbage. This taste absolutely delicous & very easy to make. Makes perfect tiffin option too.

Green Moong Dal Sabzi A creamy sabzi recipe made with whole green moong simmered in onion-tomato sauce. This makes a perfect whole meal for weeknight dinner along with roti.

Kala Chana Masala A delicious protein packed curry recipe made with kala chana also called as desi chana. This is a simple beginner-friendly curry that makes perfect dinner menu with chapati & rice. 

Aloo Gobi Sabzi A simple, quick & delicious combination of cabbage, garlic & potatoes. This is a vegan sabzi that can be had for dinner along with roti.

Matki Sabji A dry sabzi dish made with protein-rich matki sprouts also called as dew beans. This is best enjoyed with roti & can be easily packed for tiffin.