6 Easy & Delicious Curry Recipes Best For Dinner With Rice

Kala Chana Masala A delicious protein-rich vegan curry recipe made with desi chana infused with Indian spices. Easy to make & pairs best with rice & roti. Makes a perfect dinner option.

Mushroom Masala Curry A vegan creamy curry made with button mushroom in onion paste. This is a easy, quick & simple recipe that goes very well with jeera rice.

Green Moong Dal Curry A high-protien rich nutritious recipe that makes a perfect dinner option with rice or tandoori roti. Easy to make with basic ingredients.

Matar Ke Chole Also called as safed vatana usal is a tasty flavourful & simple recipe that is made using onion-tomato base. This is a vegan, protein-rich beginner friendly recipe. 

Kala Vatana Usal A fabulous curry from Malvan. This is a coconut-based curry made with black peas also called as kala vatana. Makes a fantastic dinner option with steamed rice or bhakri.

Simple Onion Potato Curry Also called as kanda batata rassa is a comforting dish made with basic ingredients. This is a vegan, simple, quick to make curry that pairs well with rice & bread.