5 Quick & Easy Indian Tea-Time Snacks For Those Crunchy Cravings

Sabudana Vada A delicious crispy Maharashtrian vada recipe  made with soaked sago (tapioca pearls) along with boiled potatoes. This is best served with peanut coconut chutney. 

Maggi Masala An irresistible noodles tossed with vegetables. This makes the best tea-time snack for kids. Easy & quick to make.

Baingan Pakoda  A unique recipe of sliced eggplants coated with besan & spices. Deep fried till golden brown. These are vegan & pairs best with mint chutney.

Sweet Corn Pakoda A mildly spicy, sweet & super crispy pakoda made with boiled corns infused with spices. This is an easy vegan pakoda recipe perfect with hot cup of tea.

Cabbage Pakoda A delicious crispy pakoda made with sliced cabbage & onions. This is a vegetarian pakoda recipe perfect for tea-time along with some ketchup.