11 Must-Try Easy & Delicious Maharashtrian Recipes

Sabudana Vada A popular crispy patty made with tapioca & boiled potatoes. This makes a perfect snack with peanut-coconut chutney. Also can be served for vrat/ upavas.

Bharli Vangi A quintessential curry made with peanuts & goda masala. This is a midly sweet & nutty vangi recipe that pairs well with bhakri or chapati. 

Kairi Panha A refreshing tangy & sweet drink made with raw mangoes, jaggery & cardamon seeds. This is a delicious thirst quenching beverage.

Matki Chi Usal Made with sprouted matki also called as moth beans this is a nutritious, tasty & easy to make sprouts that makes perfect tiffin-box option with phulka or chapati. 

Kala Vatana Usal A rich curry dish from Malvan made with coconut. This is also called as kala vatana sambar & is often served with bhakri or rice. This is a vegan, easy to make healthy legume curry. 

Kanda Batata Rassa This is a simple, quick & easy to make potato curry recipe made with goda masala. This is a comforting curry that pairs best with pav, roti & rice. Best for lazy days. 

Dalimbi Usal Popularly called Vaalche Birde is a traditional authentic Maharashtrian curry dish made with kadve vaal simmered in coconut based curry. Pairs best with chapati.

Sanja Also called as Tikhat Metha Shira is a traditional Maharashtrian breakfast recipe that is similar to upma but with different taste altogether. Very easy to make & nutritious. 

Dalimbi Bhaat Also called Valachi Khichadi is again a traditional authentic Maharashtrian rice dish served in weddings or special occasions. A very nutritious dish that pairs best with buttermilk or solkadi.

Malvani Anda Curry A traditional Malvani egg curry recipe made with coconut & onions. A delicious rich curry that pairs best with bread, bhakri & rice. A must for egg lovers. 

Tondli Bhaat A very unique rice preparation from Maharashtra made with ivy gourd. This is one-pot rice dish that is served with papad, raita or buttermilk. Very easy to make & can be done in instant pot too.